I feel like an explorer

So the other day I decided to tackle what I’ve called “the scary zone” – the area under and around my husband’s desk here at the apartment. 🙂 It never quite got unpacked. And I hit a treasure trove of oddities. I scanned some stuff for photographic evidence.

First off, floppy disks. Yes, that’s right, floppy disks. Of 2 sizes:

floppy disk

Y2K pencils:

Y2K pencils

The instructions on the box say that you sharpen down to the new millennium. I have no idea why we own these.

A bunch of redeemed iTunes gift cards:

iTunes cards

And I’m still digging! How did this stuff survive the move? Oh yeah, I didn’t touch his office because it scared me. 🙂

Back to getting my Indiana Jones on!

3 thoughts on “I feel like an explorer”

  1. These finds seem strange now, but one day far in the future you will look back and think how great it is to still have them for the museum of electronic oddities that you will create. 😉

  2. You could always put the stuff back where you found it and “discover” it again in a couple of years…it will seem even odder then.

  3. KC – *grin* totally.

    Kathy – NOOO! MUST CLEAN! 🙂

    My husband says he’d keeping the iTunes cards to be horrified by the amount of money that we’ve spent there over the years. Ha!

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