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It’s a Good Thing He’s Cute

The other day I was in our closet and I mentioned to my husband that the dirty clothes pile smelled kind of like pee. It wouldn’t surprise me because when we got home from our short vacation we found that the dog had peed in the master bedroom. In fact, we’re currently sleeping on the pullout couch upstairs because he peed on the curtains by the bed and it’s too bright to sleep in there till the drapes get back. Anyway, hubby dismissed me – he said he didn’t smell anything. I’d planned to do all the laundry today to track down the scent.

About an hour ago I got a text message – “I think Mowgli peed on my shirts. The one I am wearing I just started to smell it a little at the bottom.”

Yes, I laughed. For about 5 minutes. He’s headed to the company store at work to buy a new shirt to wear today. I just checked the closet and pulled out some laundry and I don’t smell urine now. I’m guessing it went with my husband to work today. Snicker.

Who me?