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Hump Day Peter Gabriel Style

Since he rocked my socks off last night, here’s a little Peter Gabriel for everyone’s Wednesday:


and for the jerk who sat in front of me, here’s IN YOUR EYES THE REAL WAY. Jerk.

And Just to Be Clear

I’m NOT pregnant. But according to the jackassery of Arizona all us ladies are abortion wanting baby makers who must be stopped (I’m overstating only slightly here) so if you live in Arizona, pay attention, speak up, and vote. I’m getting real tired of middle aged white guys wanting to decide things about my baby making parts while ignoring things like jobs, national debt, what’s going on in Afganistan, Africa, American education, and on and on and on. And if you missed it, you should watch this Funny Or Die video about Middle Aged White Guys making baby maker laws. I hate to leave on a downer so there you go.