Fortune Cookies

The fortunes from fortune cookies have always entertained me. I’ll add fortunes to this list any time I get one.

You are more likely to give than to give in.

🙂 You will be successful in your work. 🙂

You love chinese food. (I’ve gotten this twice!)

🙂 Your dearest wish will come true.

Work expands to fill the time available.

For every dark night there is a brighter day.

You find beauty in ordinary things. Appreciate this gift.

Life is a series of choices. Today yours are good ones.

Your luck will soon be at a high point.

You deserve to have a good time after a hard day’s work.

16 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies”

  1. You are demonstrative with those you love.

    Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.

    Be moderate where pleasure is concerned, avoid fatigue.

    You and your mate will be happy in your life together.

  2. “Life is a series of choices. Today yours are good ones.”

    “Your good deeds did not go unnoticed.”

    “Your hard work is about to pay off.” – This is funny since I’m unemployed.

  3. Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure.

    This is the month when ingenuity stands high on the list.

    Your heart is pure, your mind clear, your soul devout.

  4. These two are awesome:

    Allow yourself time – you will reach success.

    Be expecting full contentment by the end of this summer.

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