I just read this freaky article about how your sunscreen might not be, you know, screening you from sun all that well. Turns out there’s no standards or real regulation from the FDA so claims can be hugely exaggerated. They link to a study by an independent group who makes recommendations on safe and protective sunscreens – mostly brands I’ve never seen before. But they allege that Coppertone is not so good.

Yikes. I burn super easily and have skin cancer all up in my family so I’m a sunscreen girl. Maybe I need to do some shopping since I now live in the land of perennial sun. Actually, I need to apply it to my face more – when it’s nice out I don’t think to put it on, go for a walk, and come home with a sunburned face (and sometimes upper chest if I have a V-neck shirt on).

I just hate the oily factor – it takes forever not to feel slippery like an eel. And I tried the spray stuff a few summers ago – I thought it was a brilliant idea. BUT. It’s easy to NOT apply it evenly, so I found I had weird burn lines where I didn’t spray it on.

Frankly, I feel like EVERYTHING now a days is toxic/icky/bad somehow. Bottom line is that some sunscreen is certainly better than none at all. But check the list if you want to see how your sunscreen stacks up!