Please allow me to vent

I hate everything about the job hunting process. I hate writing my resume and cover letter. I hate talking to recruiters. I hate interviews. I hate having to sell my self like a $2 hooker. And then it’s so crushing to go thru a bunch of interviews and then not get the job and have to start all over again. I have more empathy toward actors now. 🙂

I also hate that at 4 this morning the fire alarm decided it needed a new battery. My husband is a big hero for being tall enough and smart enough to make it shut the hell up. I did have a slight moment of panic that it would trigger the whole building and send troops of firemen with axes up.

Anyway, enough whining. We’re actually going to DO something this weekend, something I’m totally stoked about. We have tickets to see Evil Dead: The Musical. Heee. But not, you know, in Toronto.

Evil Dead the Musical Logo

Ok, I’m off to be slightly productive. Happy Friday!!

5 thoughts on “Please allow me to vent”

  1. I feel your pain on the job hunting. I went through 5 interviews to be told that they are looking at “organizational opportunities”. Nice, eh?

  2. Job hunting blows… why can’t we just say “I kick ass” and have the jobs we want handed to us?

  3. Amen sister. It totally sucks. Yet, somehow the powers that be say, “There’s no resession.” Yeah, okay. I’ve been looking for a job for 6 months now. SIX! *sigh* What I love is being told, “You are over qualified/over educated.”


  4. Gregg – HA! Very similar I’d bet. The Muny DOES have a splatter zone set up, right?

    Nominimom – I’d be so pissed, only because what a waste of time!!

    Craig – I know, right? Because I do totally kick ass. Also, Daver on Facebook?!?

    Tricia – Yep. I did 2 interviews with a group I really wanted to work with and was told at the interview that I might be too smart and too motivated. Their temp ended up wanting to stay so I didn’t get it anyway. Blarg.

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