The Whistle of DEATH

Ran across this nifty article on CNN telling of freaky whistles that they found buried in the hands of a skeleton. I’m pretty sure that the baby across the courtyard is simulating the whistle of death when s/he screams in the afternoons. Anyway, it’s an interesting look at death rituals of the Aztecs – I guess they used whistles for a lot of things.

We were toying with the notion of going to Mexico to vacation and look at some ruins and stuff. Anyone been and have suggestions?

Super Saturday

Today was a great Saturday. First off, the weather was perfect. We drove into downtown San Jose and walked around a bit in the nice weather and found a place to eat lunch. A place where I could actually eat some chicken wings (not the best but hey, wings!) and Drew could watch the Sox and Cubs. Then we headed over to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. This place is so odd and cool. The buildings are all Egyptian tomb looking and the grounds are lovely and they have a ton of artifacts on the inside. I was bummed out though that we couldn’t walk thru the basement replica of an actual burial tomb. We both played with the camera and got some good shots. I set up a flickr set but here is a sample:


Museum entrance

Then we headed to see the new Pixar flick, Wall•E. Now, I love Pixar films but this one is just stunning. Loved it. And now I’m crashing. Hooray for a lovely Saturday with my husband!

I’m kind of impressed with this level of sleaze

So Anne Hathaway’s VERY Recent ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, (they only broke up a week or two ago – they’d been together for 4 years I think) just got arrested. For some pretty heavy stuff – his bail’s set for $21 million. But my FAVORITE part of this? He told people that he was the Chief Financial Officer of… the Vatican. He told people that he was buying land in the US at a discounted rate and got people to give him money to invest in it. And then he spent said money on himself. Oh, and by the way, Bill Clinton and his “Air F*ck One” buddy, Ron Burkle, are also in this story. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should read Vanity Fair’s really interesting piece on Bill Clinton.

ANYWHO, it’s a big nasty mess. And, doesn’t he look like Zach Braff?

Raffaello Follieri

There goes MY scheme to say I’m with the Vatican! (Seriously, who buys into that without, you know, CHECKING first.)

Awesome at Hide N Seek

Went to meet my husband for dinner tonight – left the apartment after 7pm – and came back after dinner and groceries to this:


Yes, that’s right, the UPS (?) guy took the 2 boxes I was waiting on, moved them to the side of the door, and covered them with my little square doormat. The stack was a good foot tall. CLEARLY protected from unwanted eyes!


Three entirely unrelated things

1. I received a surprise $50 iTunes belated birthday gift from a friend recently. Nice! Anyone have suggestions on how to spend it? I’m tempted to blow it not on music, but on movies/TV shows.

2. BEFORE I got the awesome gift, I’d pre-ordered the new Coldplay album. I didn’t buy their last album X&Y because I found it very MEH. But this new album? I give it a big thumbs up. They’ve changed their sound a little and I am really digging it so far. Oh and the iTunes store is having a Coldplay sale – all older albums are $7.99 – and they’re the higher quality, no DRM iTunes Plus editions too.

3. I just read that Ridley Scott’s developing a Robin Hood movie. And Russell Crowe’s in it as the Sheriff of Nottingham. And Christian Bale was rumored to be Robin, but now some kid named Sam Bale’s rumored to be in the lead. Which is all well and good EXCEPT, the plot of the film is something like this, per IMDB: A love triangle forms between the legendary do-gooder Robin Hood, his Maid Marion and the archer’s arch nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Huh. I do love me some Russell Crowe though. This reminds me – I need to rent 3:10 to Yuma. Crowe + Bale = TOO MUCH HOTNESS.

Laundry’s done! Hope you had a good weekend!

This cracked me up

Anne Hathaway, on making out with Steve Carell, in “Get Smart” (which my stupid husband got to see a free sneak peek of last night – without me):

And making out with him is like … the yummiest lollipop dipped in sunshine in a masculine wrapper; that’s the only way I can put it. …”

Ok, I’m going to do something productive now, swear to God.

Online shopping

There are so many Etsy stores that i’d blow insane amounts of money on if I had insane amounts of money. I did though, recently make my first Etsy purchase, from the lovely Courtney. Courtney makes jewlery and other things from found objects and sells them at Twisted. I’d been eyeing some bracelets for awhile and then she had to go and make a buy one get one deal with them. At 50% off I had no more excuses. They arrived and they’re lots of fun. AND I got fun schwag with them:

Twisted schwag

Stickers, buttons, and freebies oh my! Anyway, the bracelets are fun so check out her stuff! I’m off to recycle some stuff of my own – at Goodwill.