Comic Con Movies

Comic Con was last weekend and a whole slew of movies were discussed and previewed. Click the links for some excellently snarky comments, and reports from the Con floor. Here’s a few that caught my eye…

Tron 2. With a TERRIBLE title, though the reviews from the trailer were all very good.

Red Sonja – Seriously, we need a remake of this? The posters crack me up:

Red Sonja poster

Robocop – I think it’s being billed as a remake of the first, not another one in the series. But they announced that Darren Aronofsky is directing. Yes, the guy who directed Pi is going to direct Robocop.

Harold & Kumar 3 – Bush Strikes Back? šŸ™‚

Rocky Horror – Yes, MTV is remaking Rocky Horror. Why God, why? (I’m not a fan, sorry kids.)

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – He’s cast a lead for the title role. Johnny Depp’s allegedly considering the part of the Mad Hatter. This project excites me.

And not from Comic Con but I have been meaning to mention it, there are TWO Sherlock Holmes movies in the works. One starring (get this) Sasha Baron Cohen (as Holmes) and Will Ferrell (as Watson). The other starring.. Robert Downey Jr. Mmm… hottie Holmes.

Ok, I think I need a nap. Anything here leap out at ya?

Happy Hump Day With Even More Kenny Loggins

I have been listening to the Top Gun soundtrack so today’s flashback returns to the theme “Oh God oh God please don’t make a sequel to Top Gun.” Also, I have an interview today with a company that’s kind of a dude company – not totally thrilled about the job but if they offer a fat pile of cash… Anyway, Playing With the Boys by the always awesome Kenny Loggins:

Man I used to love this song but I’d never actually seen the video till today. Alright, I have to get all fancied up this afternoon so I’m off to get a haircut and all that girlie stuff. Happy Wednesday!