Holy statistics Batman!

CNN is reporting that Americans are driving less because of the increase in gas prices. And by less I mean, holy heck that’s a big number!

Americans drove 9.6 billion fewer miles in May compared with a year earlier, according to a report Monday from the Federal Highway Administration.

I helped! See, unemployment IS good for SOMETHING!

Also interesting, I thought, was this:

Some of the most dramatic increases occurred in the light rail systems in Baltimore, Minneapolis and St. Louis, the commuter rails of Seattle and Harrisburg, Penn., the buses of San Antonio and Denver, and the subways and elevated rails of and Boston.

The whole article is pretty interesting, including the funding ramifications of less driving. But man, oh man, I’d like to see information on smog levels and the like from that month too.

End of the weekend is always so sad

I had a really nice weekend with my husband. On Saturday we walked a bunch of miles to our local shopping/dining/theatre area. We hit the art house and saw Mongol, which was pretty good. Then lunch at The Counter – a build your own burger place that is most excellent. I hate sweet potatoes but their sweet potato fries are delicious. See below:

50/50 basket

Aren’t you hungry just looking at it? I am.

Then more walking. Sunburn in unexpected places. General mellowness.

Today was lazy and capped off by the arrival of a St. Louis friend who’s in town for an interview. Hooray!

Snapped a few photos with the iPhone that I uploaded to flickr. Some of them are a little bit older but I totally forgot I had them. 🙂

OH! The iTunes store has the Evil Dead: The Musical soundtrack! It’s downloaded and I will be rocking out to it tomorrow! Woot!

How was your weekend?