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Imogen Heap Rocked My Cold World

Last night hubby and I had a date night – dinner and Imogen Heap live at the Mountain Winery. We were pretty stoked – we both dig Imogen and the winery looked like a nice and fun venue to see a show at. Earlier in the week I’d gotten an email about dining options so I made us a reservation on the Winery Deck as their menu looked yummy.

So we trek up the mountain (no kidding) and get out of the car and it’s windy and COLD. Unexpected. I’d read a bunch of reviews and everyone talked about how nice the temps were and all that. Turns out it was freakishly windy and cold – to the point where the staff had to scramble to pull the usual outdoor dining inside. We were glad we’d thought to bring jackets.

So here’s the view from the winery walkway. Gorgeous, right?
Winery mountain view

We find the dinner place, get seated, and go to town on ordering off the menu. Course 1: mixed greens salad with raspberries for me, the melon and prosciutto for him. Course 2: The Steak and Pommes Frittes for him, the Roasted Half Chicken with Provence Herb Butter for me (yum and MASSIVE) Course 3: Crepes Suzette for him and Chocolate Profiterole for me. A note about the dessert. The whole meal was delicious and lovely. But look at this profiterole:

profiterole of the gods

Okay A: there were chocolate chips mixed in with the cream filling. B: usually when it’s “drizzled” with sauces it’s totally weak. This was drowning in an orgy of chocolate and raspberry sauces. SO. GOOD. And fresh raspberries and blackberries on the side to dip in the chocolate. OM NOM NOM.

So yeah, we liked the dinner. Then on to the show. Here’s what the place looked like:

Pretty! But soooo cold. I’m going to guess that, with the wind, it was in the 40 degrees range – at one point I was fogging my glasses with my breath. When the wind wasn’t blowing I was quite comfy.

Here’s a shot of the stage, before dark, with one of the openers:


Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see Imogen live, go. She’s quite good and very entertaining. She did one bit with 2 ladies from the audience – they’d auditioned via the internet. She improved a piece – the audience gave her a key (C#) and then someone gave an impromptu bit of melody and she came up with a tune. The tune will go up for sale and all proceeds benefit a local area charity.
So that was cool. She played songs that people had voted for online so it was a nice mix of the “big” songs and some older more obscure songs. She is a big tech DIY girl and she talked about some of the stuff they were using. It was kinda cool to watch her bounce around from piano to drums to weird harmonizer to funky thing she played with a bow. One dude played a saw. It was good.

Oh, I must say, I was surprised by how hard she rocked some of the songs. Heavy wailing guitar with a band and it sounded GREAT. Also? Immi can totally rock the glittery white keytar and white sunglasses.

Immi on Keytar

(That keytar image is from here.)

I didn’t bring the smaller camera because I thought they’d pitch a fit about it so I have a few more kinda ok snaps up on Flickr.

Anyway, here’s an Imogen tune that we heard live. She’s good stuff.

Imogen Heap – Headlock

All in all, we had a good time. Except for the obnoxious, drunk, older British man in front of us. We wanted to deck him.

About the Oil Spill

I don’t often get serious around here preferring to keep it light since there’s a world full of tragedy and it’s easy to find on the internet.

However… I’ve been following the BP oil leak and just this morning ran across this article on Newsweek with anecdotal evidence that BP is deliberately keeping photographers/photojournalists out so as to control the spin and clamp down on nasty images that could come out of the gulf. And that kinda pissed me off so… here are a bunch of links to articles and photos of the BP oil spill for you.

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture has a spread of heartwrenching images of oil covered birds.

oil covered bird

The New York Times’ photos from readers. Two images that lept out at me – the one with all the dead fish, and the beautiful prayer line.

G4 TV’s Kevin Pereira has arrived in the Gulf and he’s helping get the story and is doing some clean up. He’s put some photos up on Flickr today.

The Huffington Post has an interesting (a bit older) piece on the subject.

Incidentally, director James Cameron recently had some harsh words on the subject.

Last day of the decade

On the last day of 2009 we decided to go to the Tech Museum of Innovation to see the Star Trek Exhibit. Totally geeky I know. We walked around, saw some costumes, saw the bridge from the original series, drank some Romulan Ale, you know, the usual.

Romulan Ale

Before we left my husband bought me this super cute stone turtle cuz I like turtles.


Then we grabbed some lunch in downtown San Jose.

Pomegranate Margarita

Came home and in the evening had a friend over for food, booze, movies, booze, video games and junk food. All in all a chill New Year’s Eve.

How about you, anyone hurting today? Ok, enough internet, back to the Bones marathon in our place.

Lovely surprise Friday

My husband surprised me by taking the day off today! Yay! And it’s been dry for a couple of days so it was a beautiful day. Husband took me to lunch at a lovely little Italian place called Bella Saratoga in adorable downtown Saratoga. Just past downtown is a place I’ve been wanting to go for months – the Hakone Japanese Gardens. They filmed part of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha there. The road up to the gardens were so steep that we had to throw the car into first gear. There was a family of deer running around. The garden is set kind of up in a mountain area so when you got to an outlook, the view was AMAZING. There are some big, fancy homes built into the hills. Anyway, I uploaded a few snaps. It’s a really serene and lovely place and worth a re-visit. As we drove around we realized there’s a big beautiful park area just past the gardens so we have some new places to explore soon!



husband in a gate

Oh, and by the way, in case you missed it, I got a job! Woot! Happy weekend!

I want to go to that

We had a weekend that was just busy enough – enough time to be lazy but things to do. Saturday night we went to Redwood City for dinner and the Redwood Symphony. Now, I’ve had it in my head that I want to live in Redwood City, largely because of its location. But we’d never actually really BEEN to Redwood City. So I found a place to eat in the downtown area to see what it’s like. And what’s it’s like is super cute!

Redwood City sign

The tag line on that sign just cracked me up. Anyway, we wandered around for a bit and then headed to a nice little Thai place.

Next we headed over to the symphony and enjoyed a lovely program.

Today we headed up to San Francisco for brunch with friends. It was kind of a chilly gloomy day and we had to stand outside waiting for a table for a good hour. But, once we got in… YUM. The place my pals picked is called Brenda’s. It’s tiny. It’s at the edge of a sketchy neighborhood. And it’s cajun soulfood that was oh so delicious. I stuffed myself with a flight of beignets – that is, one of each of the 4 different types of beignets. Om nom nom nom nom. Then we went back to my pal’s place to play with the doggies!

Juno & Oscar

They were highly entertaining.

Now we’re back home, stuffed, chilly, and lazy. Yay weekend!

I have more Redwood City pictures here and more San Francisco pictures (with doggies!) here. Hope you had a great weekend too!

Sunday Protest

There’s a corner down the street from me, near the mall where I used to work, that we’ve affectionately dubbed “protest corner.” Every weekend there’s a fellow out with flags and signs protesting the US occupation of Iraq. There are also periodic other protests staged there – I shook signs for the “No on 8” campaign there. Today there was a really big protest of the Israeli bombing of Palestine. I snapped a few pics with my iPhone. Protests are a kind of common occurrence here in California (I blame the nice weather) and I always enjoy seeing them.

Long line

War is not the answer

Happy Sunday!

Ringing in the new year in jail

Well kinda. I don’t do serious New Years resolutions but I do use it as a time to figure out an action plan for the next year. One of the things I want to do more in 2009 is get out and see more of California and use the camera more. My goal is one cool thing a month. In this vein we’d planned to hit Alcatraz, something I’d been wanting to do for ages.

As we started driving up we ran into quite a bit of rain. We really need the rain out here so that was nice, though I wasn’t looking forward to a full day of rain on our big day in prison. We did get to see a really big, gorgeous rainbow for a good 20 minutes on the road north.


We had some time to kill so we ate lunch on Fisherman’s Wharf and walked around the piers in the drizzle. We eventaully headed down to our ferry to ride over to Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz ferry

As we got on the boat the weather began to break and we started to get sunny blue skies. Yay!

Blue skies

The view of San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge, and Alcatraz island from the ferry boat is incredible – worth the trip.

Alcatraz island

The prison at Alcatraz is impressive. Every man had his own cell. They only had around 300 cells in all. The guard with guns were kept up behind a fence on the second level. There was a pulley system where the guards sent their keys up so that the inmates couldn’t grab the keys. The jail had a lot of technological innovations – a system to shut all the cell doors at once, the first rudimentary metal detectors, and so on.


Fun fact: Al Capone, a resident of Alcatraz, died of syphilis. I did not know that.

They allowed staff to live on the island, so there were full families with kids living on the island. Those buildings haven’t been kept up and are kind of gorgeous in their abandonment.

Out buildling

There’s a nice walk around the outside of the island with a stunning view of the bay. Seriously gorgeous.

San Francisco bay

Anyway, the tour was very cool, the views were stunning, and we had a great day. I’ve got a bunch more photos up on my flickr site so go take a look. Credit to my husband who was working the camera yesterday.

Lazy weekend in San Jose

We had a pretty low key weekend this week but we did make it out to see our first Sharks game of the season. And it was against the St. Louis Blues. The Sharks won 5-4 and it was a pretty fun game. We had pretty decent seats. Seats which gave me a head on view of this:

Smoking shark


Over the next few weeks I’m working on a project for my mom. Her kids are doing the Flat Stanley project. One of her students, Brittney, colored me a Flat Stanley and sent him to me in the mail. I have to take Flat Stanley out and take pictures of him doing various activities. So I started with the hockey game. Here’s a picture of Flat Stanley enjoying the hockey game:

Flat Stanley at the Sharks game

Over the next few weeks I hope to get Stanley up to San Francisco for shots at the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz or something – I think Brittney would really dig that.

My siblings-in-law are coming to visit this weekend and I need to get my Christmas shopping done. I’m usually an early shopper but somehow time slipped away this year. So I’m off to do a ton of chores! Happy Monday!