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Rest In Peace

Because I’m getting a lot of questions, here goes…

Walter Joseph Wadycki, 69, passed away the morning of Feb. 16, 2012. Beloved husband of Darcie, nee Smith; loving father of Valerie (Nels), Andrew (Kimberly); son of the late Louis & Mary; son-in-law of the late Archie & Daisy Smith; brother to Jeanette (the late Ray) Piesciuk, the late Louis (Pam) Wadycki; uncle, great uncle, and godfather to many. Retired from the College of Business at UIC.

Memorial Sunday, 2 to 8 p.m., at Theis-Gorski Funeral Home, 3517 N. Pulaski Rd. (1 block S. of Addison Ave.), Chicago. Service Monday, 11 a. m., at Irving Park Lutheran Church, 3938 W. Belle Plaine Ave.

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Irving Park Lutheran Church ( or to Rush Lung Cancer Research (


So in the middle of the night I’m awakened by some snoring in my ear from a super warm body curled up against my back. I reached behind me because I assumed it was my husband and sometimes shifting him a little helps him breathe. Imagine my surprise when I feel fur.

Mowgli the dog decided sleeping at the foot of the bed wasn’t enough. He wiggled his way up the middle of the bed between us to stretch full body out against my back. Which explained why I was friggin hot. Now, he’s done this before, sorta, but usually stays lower on the bed and I can kinda kick him around to move him. This morning though, his head was right next to mine. Because he needed a pillow. I swear to you, his head was on a pillow and he gave me the “what?” look. Then he put his head on my shoulder and went back to sleep.

Internets, remember when I wasn’t going to let him sleep on the bed? I’m pretty sure that by the end of the year I’ll be the one on the floor.

Nice Christmas

This Christmas was quite lovely. Since the weather blows in the mid-west, and husband has to keep an eye on work, we decided to stay home and be lazy this year.

Our cute li’l tree was stuffed with gifts.


On Christmas Day we had a friend over. We opened gifts, watched a ton of holiday movies, and decorated gingerbread men.
Gingerbread vampire

Husband made an EXCELLENT turkey – so moist and delicious. We have a nice big plate o’ leftovers for the week. He also broke a rum bottle with his bare hands – he’s pretty tough yo.

We got some good loot this year. A lovely Cuisineart, a nice hand mixer, some jewelry, lots of movies, music, video games, and books, some Doctor Who gear, and my mom sent us this righteous tree topper.


I kinda wanna keep him out year round he’s so adorable.

How was your holiday?

Busy Bee

I haven’t been around tons lately because I’ve actually been really busy. I’m an “intern” at a local theatre company, which I am digging. They are letting me do some marketing, some grant writing, some web stuff, and some stage management. I love it so much that I’m seriously researching grad programs in Arts Management/Nonprofit Management. I think everyone that really knows me would agree – that’s what I really dig and am kinda good at. It’s nice to feel wanted/needed/useful but to also be creative and work on my own schedule (often at home in my jammies).

This weekend we were very busy and cultured. We saw a steampunked version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night on Friday night. I was kind of intrigued – on the one hand, steampunk is kinda fun, on the other hand, I HATE it when people jack with Shakespeare (don’t get me started on the WWII musical version of Much Ado About Nothing that I saw). That said, I rather dug the show. They clearly spent a lot of time to understand the language and make it understandable to the audience. They played up the raunchiness of it (let’s face it, Will’s comedies have a lot of raunch in ’em) and were pretty solid. The costumes were kinda pretty – you can see show pictures here.

Saturday we saw a symphony with a pretty unique program. Before that we met a realtor and drove around the Bay Area for a good three hours to get familiar with a bunch of areas and neighborhoods that we’d never been to before. It was exhausting. But we were running on some delicious cupcakes we’d eaten for lunch so it was ok. (Seriously, Vanilla Moon has yummy sammiches and pastries.) During the symphony I realized I REALLY liked one of the houses that we’d seen earlier in the day.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a play but decided to go hit some open houses, including the one house we’d seen the day before. Long story short, we’re gonna see about making a run for the house. There might be a few issues – it’s not been inspected yet – and we still need to secure the loan (but we don’t think that will be too big of a problem) – and it might be popular based on the traffic and comments at the Open House. But I’m excited. I really like this house and really HATE our upstairs neighbors right now so cross your fingers for us!

Now we are at the husband’s office feeling really stressed out about the amount of money we will have to pay to acquire said property but man oh man do we dig the place. And it’s a great price for what we’d be getting (in this stupid market anyway). You know, if it passes inspections and all that.

How was your weekend? Who has big Turkey plans?


I had a post all prepared for today about the finale of LOST, but some real life also happened this week. My grandmother (my dad’s mom) passed away Wednesday night at the age of 86. She passed quietly in her sleep in her hometown of Tennessee and will be buried tomorrow. Unfortunately, because of the short notice and exorbitant travel fares/lousy lousy flight schedules I won’t be able to attend.

My grandma has been a widow for longer than I have been alive. Her husband died before I was born from emphysema. She was a five hour drive from home and all of my dad’s family lives in her hometown so we’d visit a few times a year. When I got a bit older my parents would occasionally leave us for a week or two in the summer to spend some time alone with the family (and hey, free babysitting for them!). Those years I didn’t quite get my gramma. She was a good old fashioned Southern (pronounced Suuuthuuun) Methodist lady. She had very strict ideas on things that were lady-like. I was often not those ideas. She wasn’t like my mom’s mom – that gramma taught me how to play gin and was all about junk food. And one time I got to go to a fancy adult dinner party at a house with a pool and when I was sad I couldn’t swim because I hadn’t brought a swim suit they let me swim IN MY DRESS. Totally. Awesome. But she was my gramma and I loved her. I did like that gramma had a thing for Wendy’s, especially Frostys. Every time I went to visit her, one of the special things we would do is go to Wendy’s and get Frostys.

Then when I was, oh, 8th or 9th grade, she all of a sudden up and decided to get involved with the local community theatre. The theatre run by *whisper* New York gays. SHOCKING. I mean, my prim and proper grandmother was becoming an actress. The woman who couldn’t remember things was now learning lines. For some serious roles. Like Miss Daisy. And the Hepburn lead in On Golden Pond. Red Riding Hood’s grandmother in Into the Woods. MY GRANDMOTHER. The woman whose family name is engraved on the church pillars. The woman who always wanted me to wear a slip and stockings and a skirt with Mary Janes and shirts with Peter Pan collars.

Some of her friends literally thought she’d lost it. They thought my grandpa was rolling in his grave. An ACTRESS? Even worse – she was hanging out with a liberal east coast gay couple half her age. THEY WENT TO EUROPE TOGETHER. Lawdy lawdy.

And that’s when it hit me – my gramma was totally freaking AWESOME. After that I realized, you know, she’s an old Southern lady and all that, but she’s been single since the 1970s and has totally been living on her own for all those years. That’s pretty rad. And was totally fine with hanging out with a middle aged gay couple. I mean, I know young people out here in the People’s Gaypublic of Druggifornia (thanks, 30 Rock, for that nickname) that wouldn’t be down with that. I started talking to gramma more after that – turns out she was really well educated for a woman her age. Went to college. Graduated. Ran the family business (a funeral home). Was really active in the community. Used to deliver food for Meals on Wheels. Basically, she was an excellent woman that I was proud to call my gramma.

When it was clear she was starting to be a little less sharp, she made the decision herself to sell her big house and move into a retirement/private care community. This was really a hard choice for her – she’d been independent for so long. When I asked her to tell me about the place I said “Well gramma, it sounds a lot like my college dorm!” And she said “You’re right, it is like a co-ed dorm. Maybe I’ll meet a rich older man there!” Atta girl!

The last time I saw her was in 2002. It was after I had gotten married and we were in to visit the whole family and have a little wedding BBQ (since I got married abroad and we didn’t have a reception). She was living in her “dorm” and was starting to confuse people. She knew me, and remembered my husband, which actually kind of surprised me since she’d not met him more than once or twice. She was always a little confused by the friend we had with us, but, frankly, he confuses me too and I DO know him. The nurse who was on duty told me that gramma hadn’t been eating much and asked if we could try to get her to eat lunch. I sent the boys to Wendy’s to pick up some food. Wouldn’t you know I got her to eat a whole burger, fries, and a Frosty? That’s my girl.

So… I loved my gramma but 86 years is a pretty good run. She’s had a great life and, though she’ll be sorely missed by many many people, I am ok with letting her go. I’ve got a lot of great memories and photos to cherish for my lifetime.

As for LOST, read this EW article about the DVD set and then you must, MUST watch the video. It’s all kinds of awesome. Like my gramma.