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The physics of ketchup pouring

If my dad were alive he’d likely make me do some math on this. NPR has a great piece on how to get that pesky ketchup out of the glass bottle, and why it’s such a pain in the neck. The root of the issue? Newtonian physics:

Ketchup, Zaidan says in the video, is a pretty unusual substance. It behaves both like a solid and a liquid, depending on how you shake that bottle.


That’s because there are two types of fluid: Newtonian and non-Newtonian. Newtonian fluids retain their viscosity — or resistance to flow — regardless of the amount of force you put on them. Non-Newtonian fluids are what Zaidan calls “rule breakers.” Their thickness and viscosity change based on how long, how hard and how fast you push.

It’s pretty fascinating, check it out. Me? I’m all for the squeeze bottles, initial watery shot and all.

Oy Vey Lay’s

At around Thanksgiving time I became aware that Pringles had released some “holiday” flavors. Specifically Pumpkin Pie (UGH) and White Chocolate Peppermint. And I thought that the latter might not suck because I like chocolate covered pretzels. Except I had a white chocolate peppermint Pringle and eeeeeew. Because it’s not a white chocolate dipped chip. It’s a Pringle with that weird flavor sprinkling on it and it’s just weird and gross.

Pringles, however, have been outdone with Lay’s latest offering in China: the Pepsi-Chicken Flavored Lay’s Potato Chip. Yes, you read that right – it’s the flavor of Pepsi AND the flavor of chicken. On a potato chip.

Pepsi-Chicken Chips

From the article:

Lay’s launches a new flavor every year and Pepsi Chicken appeared to be its biggest one in China so far.

Adage described the flavor as, “Similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste.” They also said there’s very little Pepsi taste other than a hint of fizzed out soda. Sounds like Pepsi to me! #TeamCoke.

I mean, I guess I drink soda when I’m eating some BBQ but… bad idea bear.

I will confess, I’m a fan of Lay’s Dill Pickle Chips. Anyone else?

Oh, Well THAT Makes More Sense

North Korea didn’t recently find a unicorn. They found this:

It now appears that the unicorn angle was a mistranslation. It has emerged that what translators were trying to say was that top North Korean explorers had found the nest of a beast with a dragon’s head, a deer’s body, the tail of a cow, hooves and a mane.

That makes WAY more sense.

North Korea Is Awesome

Did you know that the founding father of North Korea rode a unicorn? And that North Korean “scientists” have found its grave? Did you know that the founder of North Korea “was born from an egg impregnated by sunlight and united the tribes left in disarray after the collapse of the Chinese Western Han dynasty” and that Kim Jong Il “invented the hamburger, wrote 1,500 books in three years while at university, and shot eleven holes-in-one the first time he played golf (a feat verified by his 17 bodyguards)?” See? Awesome. Basically, North Korea is Neil Patrick Harris.

NPH, riding a unicorn like a boss.
NPH, riding a unicorn like a boss.

I am part Bigfoot

But not really. I have really small feet. Anyway, there is an awesome new story floating around that Bigfoot has been genetically tested and it’s part human, as a result of bigfoot/human sex. Seriously, read the article, it’s hilarious. My favorite part?

Ketchum also issued a statement requesting that the U.S. government immediately recognize Bigfoot as “an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights against those who would see in their physical and cultural differences a ‘license’ to hunt, trap, or kill them.” Since no Bigfoot has ever been hunted, trapped or killed, it’s not clear that the creatures — if they exist — require any special federal protection.

Rampaging Predator of the Sea

You’d think this would be an article dedicated to nasty icky sharks or, given the location, alligators but no. Today’s story comes to us from Louisiana, where they’re having a problem with some marine wildlife.

Kinda funny really, because I could see it going down like this:

Oooohhhhhh what a cute li’l OW MY LEG MY LEG!

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Creepier Than an Octopus in a Beer Bottle

Some of you were freaked out by my octopus in a bottle video last week.

Here’s two things that creep me out way more.

1. Walking Cacti – tell me that’s not creepy.

2. Crows. We had a couple of giant ones in our backyard this weekend. I’m going to be watching them from now on.

And in less terrifying news, my review of the Prince concert is up at Culture Brats. Check it out.