Outer Space is awesome

I stumbled across an article this weekend about a conference going on in the UK. The conference is addressing Global Catastrophic Risks. They started with Things That Can Kill Us From Space. Seriously. They’re discussing catastrophic asteroid strikes, gamma rays, and other killer space phenomenon. It’s interesting stuff, check it out.

Then I learned that Adidas is releasing a Star Wars inspired line of sneakers. Called Super Stars, they will have a jedi pair of shoes, and a sith pair of shoes.

Darth Vader shoes

The tips of the laces are designed to look like lightsabers – ha!

And this morning, Laughing Squid led me to an awesome Photoshop contest. The rules?

I went to an art gallery the other day. The artworks were all right, I guess, but you know what they were missing? Wookiees. There wasn’t one Wookiee in sight. Also no Jedis, no Storm Troopers … in fact none of the artworks had any Star Wars elements at all!

In this contest we’re going to rectify the art world’s mistake by placing Star Wars character, items, vehicles and scenes into classic art works. Paintings, tapestries and sculptures are all allowed.

Hit list: the Mona Lisa, Munch’s ‘The Scream’ and any painting by Norman Rockwell. Use them and your entry will be disqualified.

The results are fantastic. My two current faves:

Jabba the VIII

Yoda and the Nymphs

Though there are several more that I dig.

Happy Monday! (Evil Dead the Musical post coming soon…)