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Ah Vegas

My husband and I are going to Vegas for the first time soon so I was browsing listings of shows and ran into the ad for the Phantom of the Opera – the LAS VEGAS Spectacular!

Ok, let’s analyze this.

Only in Las Vegas will you have privy to the all-encompassing emotional journey that is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest version of Phantom of the Opera. With a new name, and not to mention a new $40 million custom-built theatre, this show is sure to please even the most skeptical theatergoers.

Because skeptical theatergoers are all about a Las Vegas-ized version of an incredibly popular musical? Hm. But it goes on…

As many Phantom lovers know, the play is set in 1911 in the famous Paris Opera House. After you take your seat, take a second to look around. You will notice that you have been transported into the story and you are in the center of the Opera House itself. Like no other musical, you are no longer a disconnected audience member…you are now an essential part of the story that is about to surround you.

Disconnected audience member? Because live entertainment is soooo disconnecting. Go on, tell me more!

Phantom is the story of a young opera singer, Christine Daaé, who is mentored by a mysterious vocal coach who appears only in the shadows and lives in a secret lair below the opera house. Daaé, still grieving the death of her father, believes that her “angel of music” is actually the ghost of her late father. After several threats made by the Phantom, Christine is forced to choose between the love of her life, a young well-to-do socialite, and a life of solitude with the Phantom. The Phantom promises great misfortune to the theater and to the lives of actors and audience members. This is what makes this version of the story so entrancing. The Phantom isn’t threatening a mythical theater. He’s threatening the one you’re sitting in.

OK, the emphasis there is mine. Because I literally laughed. NOT THE THEATRE I AM SITTING IN! Really writer? Doesn’t everyone by now know about the giant chandelier that will drop? Anyway, my favorite part, you ready for this?

What makes this show even more entertaining is that without cutting one note, the show was shortened from an almost three hour production to a 95-minute thrill ride that is much more audience friendly for those not used to sitting through Broadway-length productions. Sets change seamlessly before your eyes. There are no blackouts, no costume changes, and almost no down time. It feels as if you are watching a movie, except it’s being performed live, right before you’re eyes. But the play isn’t just a whimsical journey told in the universal language of music; it’s also, in a sense, a magic show with special effects that are sure to leave you wondering…”How did they do that?”

Ooohhh, so what makes it so magical and awesome is the lack of PLOT! Story? Character development? Who needs it? As long as it’s shiny, right?

And at the very end:

Interesting Fact
There are actually two performers for each of the main roles. This allows for no costume changes. This also allows the Phantom to seemingly appear and disappear from different parts of the theater. However, if you didn’t already know, you never would’ve noticed. Not even from the front row!

So, uhm, you’ve already talked about the magical “how did they do that” part of it, and then you basically revealed it? Also, if there are 2 actors and non-stop singing, doesn’t this basically mean that none of the singing is live? Laaaame. So yeah, guess what we’re NOT seeing?

In Honor Of My Gearing Up For A New Play

I warn you. These are actors. In every actor there lives a tiger, a pig, an ass and a nightingale. You never know which one’s gonna show up. Don’t make assumptions about the talent. Don’t assume that the talent can hear well. Don’t assume they know the plot. Don’t assume that they have living parents. -Corey Taft, in For Your Consideration


Theatrical Gems

A couple of fun things for you, my friends. has a most excellent list of the 6 Biggest WTF Moments in Shakespeare. Only 2 are from Titus Andronicus too!

Julie Taymor only got paid $125,000 for FIVE YEARS OF WORK on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. No wonder girl is suing.

Speaking of Spider-Man, since the show will FINALLY open this month, they’re streaming the original cast recording for free right now. If you’re curious about the Bono/Edge tunes, go check it out.

It Seems I’m Out to Crush My Husband’s Soul This Week

Everything about this is hilarious and wrong. The touring Batman arena show in the UK.

There was actually something like this in the 80s when I was little. I was a HUUUUUUGE Adam West Batman fan and my parents took me to the arena show. I was probably 4 years old so only have piecemeal memories of it. But my mom loves to tell people this story:

I went to the show wearing my Batman underoos t-shirt under my windbreaker and at some point in the show the Joker runs around the arena in the audience. And he came up to my section and I was so excited that I unzipped my jacket and flashed my Batman logo shirt to the Joker in a “back off man!” move. My parents were hysterical with laughter. I was gonna get that Joker!

Anyway… their Catwoman is hotter than Anne Hathaway so that’s a plus.

batman UK stage show

Spider-Man Musical “Opening” Delayed Yet Again

This time they’re actually shutting the show down for a few weeks to re-tool. I’m going to guess that the SCATHING reviews that came out a few weeks ago prompted some major plot revisions.

I’m sorry, but if you’re charging full price and never really plan to open, I hate to tell ya, but you’re open.

Ever notice that you never hear about accidents on a Cirque Du Soleil show? Just saying.

Busy Bee

So I’ve been remiss in posting lately. It’s like I got a life or something. Ha!

My play opened last weekend and it was a great weekend – opening night was completely sold out before I walked in the door Friday night which was awesome. The rest of the weekend was pretty well sold and this weekend is looking good. The show closes Feb. 13 so we are running for a few more weeks. It’s been very fun though I was ready for a few days off after tech.

This week has been filled with home buying drama. The short version is: we made an offer on a place and after many counter offers (and lots of stupidity), we are under contract. So now begins the inspection and appraisal process – we can still back out if things don’t shake out the way they should. And it’s possible they won’t – we are aware of one potential large issue and we need to find out how large the issue is. But it’s looking like we might have a house sooner rather than later! Yay!

And I have a meeting this week at work to see about stepping up my role and stuff.

Just you watch, 2011 is the year I take over the world. Fear it.