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Well Now I Need to Remodel My Bathroom

I need this. I want this. But I’m so over remodeling things.


Release the bath kraken!


Although I did then find a few others, and I AM looking for something to go on the wall behind the couch…



House Hunting Battle

So we saw a bunch of houses this weekend and I’m really wrestling with something. Two houses in particular had some pretty awesome features.

In one corner, we have the backyard with the gas grill and KEGERATOR. Yes, that’s right, a fridge with a tap for a keg.

In the other corner we have BATHROOM LION. I’ve named it Aslan. It separates the toilet from the open shower. On an opposite wall is a lion head mounted to the wall that acts as the water faucet. It spits the water into the sink.

Dear readers, I need to know, which of these really sells it for you?