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I Need To Go To Italy This Summer

This is the greatest stupid thing I’ve ever seen. Also, who mispronounces Seinfeld?? THE HOFF DOES. To recap, The Hoff, lasers, flashback videos, pyrotechnics. Some of the cheesiest bands ever. I’m SO JEALOUS, EUROPE! (Man I hope Hoff performs one of his pop song covers.)

At Least Kids Are Sometimes Funny, Right?

Today Roger Ebert reminded me of a hilarious website. Not, you know, personally. We weren’t, like, having our usual Friday lunch or anything. Anyway, tell me these don’t make you literally LOL:

This kid obviously is awesome.


Aw kiddo, I wanted to be an astronaut and realized the math problem. But hey, cheer up, that’s what liberal arts degrees are for!

*pounds desk* Warren rules.

I want to adopt this kid.

This kid can’t go work as a Michigan State Rep, but he COULD run for office in the GOP!


Happy weekend! (and check out that website. It’s hilarious.)