Coming to an opera house near you

I’ve seen a recent spate of proposed operas and frankly, they blow my mind. They start kind of reasonably – Brokeback Mountain as an opera. Ok, there’s a story, with some drama, and the score was kind of nice. I guess I can see that as an opera.

But then there’s the The Fly. As an opera. Yes, like the Jeff Goldblum or Vincent Price Fly.

But the one that blows my mind: An Inconvenient Truth, the opera. And this is being commissioned by La Scala, the biggest opera house in Italy. I can’t comprehend this.

Worst of all, actually coming to the big screen, Repo: The Genetic Opera. With Sarah Brightman, Anthony Head, Paul Sorvino, and Paris Hilton. *shudder* Here’s the trailer, you know you’re intrigued:

What will they think of next? No, don’t tell me, I’m not sure I want to know.