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Cool Stuff in the News

There’s been some fun stuff in the news lately so here we go…


1. The bones of King Richard III have been discovered under a parking lot in England. They’ve been confirmed via DNA comparison to a living descendant of Richard’s sister Anne – how cool is that? Also, the bones reveal that Richard was in fact “hunchbacked” as he had scoliosis.


2. There’s an interesting article about how it’s harder to make good friends once you’re out of college and are in your 30s.


and finally


3. To all my Niners friends, Jello has got you covered – they’re giving away free pudding in the city to “mask the taste of defeat.”



Weekend Recap

On Saturday night the San Francisco Giants made it into the World Series. Go Giants! Instead of watching the game, we went to see The Exorcist at a local movie theatre. I thought I’d seen it before but boy was I wrong. I’m not sure what was more disturbing – the foul mouth little girl or the medical technology of the 1970s. Good stuff.

On Sunday we drove in to San Francisco to check out our pal’s new apartment and explore the area. Unfortunately it was really rainy and gross. But we brunched and it was YUM.

breakfast crepes

Our pal’s new apartment was pretty nice. And totally safe.

fire alarm

On our way back up the biggest damn hill ever to get back to our car, we saw some storm damage.

down tree

And the drive home was a bit scary. But we made it. Way to have actual weather, California!


I’m spending this weekend in sunny gorgeous San Francisco. I’m hoping to catch up with an old pal from home, see some sights, generally be lazy. Check out the view and the weather!

San Francisco

One thing I love about this city is it’s geek vibe.

Apple Ready to Rock

Also, the food. Witness: I ate like a pig at an Indian Buffet.

Indian food

Tomorrow I’m going to walk a bunch of miles to drop that Indian food calorie load (but it was so worth it).

Happy weekend!

Quick Recap

I’ve been meaning to post a quick recap of some personal stuff. We had a fun Easter weekend at home after a brutal week of work for my husband. We took a friend to see Point Break: LIVE! on Saturday night. Our evening’s Keanu was pretty good. If you’re in the Bay Area you should check the show out. It’s about 3 hours of entertainment, Keanu is cast from the audience every night, and they do have a liquor license. They’re now playing at the Metreon right in the middle of downtown and the venue is much nicer than its old digs. Woot.

We spent Easter Sunday at WonderCon. I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t take tons of photos, but I uploaded a few to flickr.

Victorian lady

We walked around, took in the sights, did some shopping, but mostly hung out to see the Chuck panel. They are all super cute. And I love, love, love that show. If you’re not watching it, you should.

Spent this weekend with my man. Saw Clash of the Titans. I pretty much want to yell “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” all the time now. Also had a Castle marathon and caught up on being lazy as it was a rainy, grey weekend.

I’ve also been working out, eating well, and generally trying to be healthy thanks to my scary Russian doctor lady who I think will beat me if some test results don’t improve by the next time I see her. Nothing huge but I’ve decided that since I’ve got lots of free time, I should be an adult and get myself all lean and mean again. On a related note, being a grown up sucks.

This week will be spent doing birthday related things (there are 3 in the family coming up), vacation packing, and clearing off the to do list.

Happy Monday all!

A San Francisco Treat

A few weeks ago my husband had to do some work up in San Francisco for a few days. He had a hotel room up there while he worked so I mooched off him tagged along and went to some museums while he worked. I finally got around to uploading some photos. My Flickr stream has some scenes from the newly renovated California Academy of Sciences in the heart of Golden Gate Park. I also hit the de Young Museum the next day and will upload a few pics from that sometime soon.


Penguin home

Baseballin’ Saturday

We drove up to San Francisco today to watch the Giants and Cubs play some baseball. The weather was GORGEOUS.

Sailboats at the stadium

We had terrific seats.

Seat view

The game itself sucked but we had a good time anyway. Two things of note. This fellow has a really unfortunate first name.


Look it up if you’re not familiar with it. But here is a hint. It reminds me of the thing on this guy’s chin:


I’m just sayin.’ A few more pics on my flickr.

In Which I Pretend To Have Acquired A Life

We’ve been busy peoples lately! It’s like we’re getting out and doing stuff that’s not work! Crazy! Quick re-cap….

Thursday night husband and I went to see the band, The Prodigy, up in San Francisco. The show started at 9pm and the band took the stage after 10pm. Which means we got done waaaay past my bedtime. Friday was a bit rough but I toughed it out enough to do happy hour Friday night.


Saturday night we went up to the city and had Chinese food and saw Spamalot, which was hilarious and raunchy. Loved it.

On Sunday we had a killer good brunch at Buck’s and then I waddled off my buttery croissant French Toast off at MakerFaire with a group of friends. MakerFaire is basically a craft show for geeks. There were all kinds of DIY projects like robots

Rolling Robots

and burrito guns

BUrrito blaster sign

and lightning machines.


And lightning machines cooking hot dogs, of course.

Cooking hot dogs with lightning

We had a great time just looking at all the cool stuff on display.

I have a ton more photos up on Flickr if you want to see more.

Sunday night husband surprised me with a date of a quick bite and a movie. Tonight I was take out AGAIN to see Up. And tomorrow night we have secret dinner reservations! What a good boy I married eh?

WonderCon recap

I know, I know, I’m behind but this girl just started working again!

Anyway, WonderCon. We ended up going both Saturday and Sunday because there were two panels on Sunday that looked like fun. Saturday was basically movie themed – there were big panels for the upcoming Watchmen, Star Trek, and Terminator movies. Sunday was more television oriented with panels from Chuck and Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Saturday definitely had the best costumes (see the Bumblebee costume above). Sunday was less humid and easier to move around.

Some random thoughts about the show:

* Adam Baldwin is handsome and funny.

* I want to have beers with the whole cast of Chuck. (And if you’re not watching this show, you should check it out.)

* Watchmen looks incredibly faithful to the book.

* Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage, is super cute.

* McG, the director of Terminator Salvation, swears like a pirate.

* There weren’t as many Rorshach costumes as I’d feared.

* Adam West still rocks.

* But I didn’t see Carrie Fischer or Mark Hamill.

* And San Francisco still rules. See graffiti below:

Bulemic dog

If you can’t read it, it says “Is your dog bulemic? Here are some signs: 1. Vomiting 2. Eating grass” It’s hilarious.

Ok, my working self is sleepy. Logging off to watch some TV!

Artsy fartsy

On Saturday we had a dinner date in San Francisco with one of my husband’s co-worker’s and his wife. So we decided to head up early to do something in the city. We ended up at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which my husband and I hadn’t been to before. The museum was in between special installations so we ended up checking out their permanent collection, which is pretty nice. A few snaps are up on flickr.

Pencils in the head

And my husband bought me a fun bracelet at the gift shop, which was a sweet surprise! After the museum we had some time to kill, so we went and grabbed some drinks. Then we met up with co-workers for dinner and saw Dark Knight on IMAX. It’s almost as if we have a life and things to do lately! 😉 Today’s all rainy and grey so I think it will be a nice indoor lazy day. Happy Sunday!