Happy Birthday, America!

One of the things we’re doing to celebrate today is to watch Independence Day, because it kicks ass. The awesomeness of this film made me look up Roland Emmerich’s other films, to see what else he’s directed. And he’s directed some pretty awful stuff. BUT, he directed The Patriot, with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger (yes, two Aussies as the leading American rebels) who fight the nefarious Jason Issacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films – he’s actually quite striking in this) for American independence. And in the climatic last battle of Mel vs. Jason one of the funniest awesome things happens. It happens at around 5 minutes (the halfway point) into this clip:

Yes, that’s right, Mel Gibson stabs a horse with the American flag. USA! USA! USA!

We’re off to a picnic and fireworks. Hope every one had a safe and happy holiday!