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Weird Al Is My New Hero

One insanely catchy song + grammar lesson = SWOOOOON.

(Thanks Laura – I needed a chair dance song!)

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Jimmy Fallon Performs My New Favorite Thing

This is such genius. All hail Jimmy Fallon.

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The physics of ketchup pouring

If my dad were alive he’d likely make me do some math on this. NPR has a great piece on how to get that pesky ketchup out of the glass bottle, and why it’s such a pain in the neck. The root of the issue? Newtonian physics:

Ketchup, Zaidan says in the video, is a pretty unusual substance. It behaves both like a solid and a liquid, depending on how you shake that bottle.


That’s because there are two types of fluid: Newtonian and non-Newtonian. Newtonian fluids retain their viscosity — or resistance to flow — regardless of the amount of force you put on them. Non-Newtonian fluids are what Zaidan calls “rule breakers.” Their thickness and viscosity change based on how long, how hard and how fast you push.

It’s pretty fascinating, check it out. Me? I’m all for the squeeze bottles, initial watery shot and all.

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A Little Game Of Thrones For Your Friday

The folks who do Bad Lip Reading have outdone themselves with this Game of Thrones “trailer.” Watch the followup cut scenes for more excellent Joffrey slapping action. Have a great weekend!

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Brian Williams – OG

I cannot stop laughing at this.

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Cats Are Going To Destroy Us All

I’ve had a theory for a long time that it’s not going to be Skynet that destroys humanity, it will be house cats. I think they’re secretly evil geniuses. This cat isn’t helping me sleep at night.

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A Tuesday Jam For Ya

This spun up on my iTunes playlist last night and it got me back to work. It’s not the best quality but it was the only copy of the original music video I could find. Enjoy!


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