Mowgli Update

Surgery on Thursday went well. They removed the lump and kept him for observation and I went to pick him up when I got the all clear. The incision is several inches long and is in kind of a tough place to bandage. The lump was the size of a large gumball/jawbreaker so there’s a considerable amount of ouchiness to his hindquarters right now.

Like this, but way more disgusting.

On Thursday my primary job was to monitor his food and water intake as he was still getting over the general anesthetic. After the long fast there was a risk he’d have a very upset stoma he and there would be vomiting. He’d also had both an IV and a catheter so I needed to keep a really close eye on him to make sure he didn’t have any reactions. I’d picked up an inflatable collar to try in lieu of a cone of shame as I thought it might be more comfortable. Turns out it both works in terms of keeping him from getting to the sutures and him being totally ok with it. I think he likes having a portable pillow – he’s a big fan of pillows. So he’s got his donut on pretty much all the time right now.

Mowgli with his surgery jacket and inflatable collar.
Mowgli with his surgery jacket and inflatable collar.

Infection and ripping the sutures are the biggest risks right now so we’ve needed to keep a close eye on him as his incision starts to heal. There’s a piece at the end that periodically seeps so we’ve had to apply surgical pads and pressure and wrap him up from time to time this weekend. I need to change the bedding because he seeped onto the bedding last night – which is why I picked up a couple of great and very washable comforters at Costco last week. Much laundry will be happening today.


The vet had warned me he might be crabby on Thursday night and they weren’t lying. When I picked him up while he was slightly groggy and entirely annoyed with me. I mean, I literally got a cold shoulder for most of Thursday. He was definitely annoyed that he had been betrayed. Thursday night his appetite picked up and he was SUPER annoyed that he wasn’t being allowed a normal sized meal. When his painkillers wore off late in the evening it become clear he was in pain. Poor little man was crying at one point and wanted nothing but cuddles. We lifted him into bed with us (he’s on very restricted motion for 2 weeks to keep him from pulling his sutures open) and he finally stopped crying when I wedged him between us while holding his head in my arms. Poor baby. It was the most pitiful thing ever. 


It’s been better every day since though we’re still getting fitful nights of sleep. Like I said, he’s had some seepage problems at night so we’re on high alert every time he moves. The expectation is that as it heals he’ll want to get more active, which is not allowed. He’ll want to lick because it will start to get itchy, which is not allowed. He wants to go outside which he can’t. So I expect there will be a lot of yelling and pouting and whining over the next week. He gets his stitches out in 10 days or so. God help us all. 


I’m tied to the house for a couple of more days as it’s still seeping and I need to keep an eye on it. He’s not allowed to go for walks. He’s not allowed access to the backyard. He has to go to the bathroom on a leash, which has been tough as he’s what I call a polite pooper – he doesn’t like to poop in places in the backyard (I appreciate him trying to keep it clean) and he generally tries to get as far away as possible. We’re having to cheat a little by walking him off the property to get him to poop. He really can’t lick or tear out the sutures and we need to constantly keep an eye out for infection. We will all be glad when he’s back to normal. 

In the meantime, he’s super cuddly. He’s actually sleeping on my legs in this one. 

Cuddle pup.
Cuddle pup.


They sent the entire mass that they removed out to a lab so we should get pathology results next week sometime. Fingers crossed it’s not cancer! 

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