Happy Mowgli Day!

Today is Mowgli day! Well, at my house every day is Mowgli day but today is our furry son’s birthday! He’s either 7 or 8 today and to celebrate he’s having surgery to remove his creepy tumor. 

This is what Mowgli had to say about it this morning. 


You're embarrassing me, mom!
You’re embarrassing me, mom!

He goes under the knife at around noon and i’ll pick up him back at around 4:30. He’s going to have a good sized chunk removed from his belly/groin area so I expect I’ll be on doggie “LEAVE IT ALONE” suture duty for the next week or so. A cone of shame may be in his future. We’ll be sending the whole mass off to the lab for a full biopsy to see if we can finally get a handle on what it is. It’s possibly cancer, it’s possibly not. It’s possibly a fibroid, it’s possible not. Either way, in the next week or so we should finally know what’s going on and how to continue treatment. He’s been feeling great this week so I hope that with a few days of drugged relaxation he’ll be back to his bouncy self. In the meantime, we’ll celebrate his birthday with much cuddling and the vet and all the ladies at the office promised to give him birthday treats once he’s able to take food again. 

Send good vibes and birthday wishes to the Mowgli! 


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