Pup Update

Since I’ve gotten a ton of messages from folks (thank you all, by the way, we all really appreciate it) I figured I’d share today’s veterinarian update. I brought him in this afternoon to have his suture removed and to have him examined to determine next steps. The good news is that the size of the mass is much smaller than it was at the beginning of the month – about a full inch smaller. So it’s shrinking. There’s still quite a lot of redness and inflammation around the mass but overall he’s looking better. He had a really tough week two weeks ago but the antibiotics really seem to have helped – his temp is down from 105 (which is incredibly and nearly critically high) back down to 100/101 which is normal for a dog. The super creepy liquid accumulation in his belly has also disappeared and his skin has tightened back up so he doesnt look horrifying. So despite all the negative test results we all think he definitely had an infection of some sort which the antibiotics cleared up. Last week he bounced back to his usual self – his appetite is back and he’s chewing and running and bouncing again. He favors his leg a little, but I would too if I had a lump on my belly by my boy parts and my leg joint. 

Anyway, today the vet removed the suture and took a look. He’s been measuring the mass with calipers and the mass has shrunk down about an inch. He was pretty shocked as he wasn’t expecting Mowgli to look so relatively good. He asked if I minded dragging our feet for another two weeks to see if the combo of Benadryl and time keep it shrinking. We discussed the possibility of a sting of some sort – one of the tests mentioned a possible foxglove sting. Now foxgloves are super pretty but they are also super poisonous (digitalis, the heart medication, could be made from foxgloves). And while we don’t have foxgloves in our yard (nor in our neighborhood that I’m aware) the point was that it’s possible that he got stung by something, be it a plant or a spider. So… the vet wants to wait and see if the swelling continues to go down on its own. His mass is still leaking fluid – mostly blood – and the draining is a good thing. So we’re going to keep monitoring him (and the lump – I now have my own calipers to do measurements) and we’ll go back in a couple of weeks to see what it looks like. 

It’s still possible that it’s some kind of cancer, but right now since it’s so in doubt, the vet wants to err on the side of caution – if it IS an infection/sting then surgical options would be really really bad. We want to give the antibiotics time to clear his system to see if things flare back up again so we can go for round two of diagnosis. So that’s where we are at as of today! Fingers crossed that the thing keeps on shrinking and healing! 


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