Backyard Demolition: It’s Been So Long That I Stopped Counting

So we’ve decided that since my husband’s been a very good boy this year, we’re adding a spa to the backyard remodel. We also have a gas fire pit and some extra walling that need to get built. Woot.

So… first much trenching and digging has happened.

Trench along the fence




Then they started to lay down pipe for gas, water, and power.




The yellow pipes are gas. The big white ones are the new drainage pipes.

Then they started digging out the pit.

Spa Pit Part 1



Spa pit


It’s a really big muddy hole because it was raining a TON last week.

The pile of mud removed from the pit is pretty awesome looking.

I wanna climb it. So does Mowgli. The contractor’s kid did.


Then they laid down gravel at the bottom of the pit and then rebar-ed the living daylights out of the frame. So tonight we look like this:


Spa framed out


The pipes around the side are where the spa jets will go. The pipes at the bottom are intake and swirly pipes. And then there’s a light that will get placed in the side. They’re hoping to get it roughed out fully this week. We did find out that we’ve (shockingly) got an electric problem so we might have to call our contractor back to upgrade our main electrical panel at the house AND we need a gas meter upgrade so it’s unlikely that we’ll be spa-ing it for Christmas. Ah well. Progress is progress!