Kitchen Remodel Day #40

Ok, big update. Since I last posted kitchen pictures, much has happened. Aside from needing kickplates and handle hardware installed, the cabinets are all up.


The counters are all in, as is the new sink, the composter, and the garbage disposal.

We’re waiting on the corbels (the fancy under counter brackets) to come in to install under the new kitchen bar so there are janky two by fours installed right now.

And then all the walls got painted and the under-cabinet lights got installed.

Then they started working the the floors. We were missing quite a chunk of hardwood floor from where the old range and appliances were. They’ve done a nice job of matching the new wood to the rest of the house. It actually looks better right now because they’ve done more layers of polyurathane and stuff on the top layer.

Appliances are delivered today. Woot!

On the outside, they re-did the demolished stucco and repainted chunks of the exterior so you can barely tell we had a giant hole in the house.

The landscapers finished up with some planting.

That pot is new. That purple salvia was about the size of my fist a month ago so the plants are growing like crazy.

The “monster plant” in the backyard got transplanted to the top of the hill and it looks like it’s doing well.

We’ve started work on phase two of the landscaping so the deck got torn out on Friday.

Where my deck at?

The new problem will likely be the pergola columns. They SHOULD have been built on top of a concrete pier for safety and stability. It looks like they weren’t. Sigh.


Anyway, they’re saying two months on the deck and spa but we’re running into the rainy season so we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll be cooking in the kitchen this week though!

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