Kitchen Remodel Day #22

I haven’t been posting much lately because it’s been a lot of electrical and gas work and that’s not so very photographic. Since we’re moving the location of both the range and the sink, plumbing and gas lines had to be re-routed. We added a ton of power outlets because the kitchen didn’t really have that many and it’s nice to be able to plug in where ever. We did finally confirm that the upstairs office, which is an addition, IS on the same circuit as the kitchen, and they didn’t use the heavier duty electrical wire that they should have – it’s not a hazard but it’s lame. Because we had the lines moved, the guys had to spend a lot of time crawling under the house – I don’t envy them that at all. I did have Terminix come out to clear out all the dead rodents and do a little housekeeping down there so it wasn’t totally TOTALLY gross. Just, you know, mostly gross. Poor guys.

Anyway, everything’s been framed out inside.

This entire wall is new – it used to be entirely window and sliding glass door. That window is less long than it used to be. And the corner had a fair amount of rot.

New recessed lights have been installed to replace the lame chandelier and light box that were installed in the drop ceiling.

We’ve now got a new gas line in place.

And some new pipes in the air overhead.

And the exterior got all ready for the new stucco.

As for the electrical, well they had a few problems trying to figure out what switch flipped what light. In their defense, it was kind of stupid. So they had to cut some holes to trace and clip some lines.

And the new wiring looks much better.

Then we got held up for a little because we had to have a “rough inspection.” Which we passed. Then the drywall went up because today there was a drywall inspection. So now the kitchen looks like this:

So that almost looks like a real room, right?

We’ve also had additional landscaping done. Added some new plants to fill in some big bare holes. Got them to finish up the front (we’d left part bare in case the contractors had to go into the front gate).

So now we’re looking like this in the front:

We filled in the area in front of the fence.

Some new decorative grasses outside the fence line to hide the fence and generally fill in a big empty trench.

And we moved some stuff around and added new stuff to the top of the back because it was pretty bare. Some new roses, added some citrus that we already had. Staked some plants to grow UP along the wall to cover it.

Next up – priming the drywall, getting the stucco up outside, and the kitchen cabinets land at the end of the week!

On a related note – Mowgli’s getting a little antsy.

Jailbreak! But on the wrong side! Dag!

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