Kitchen Remodel Day #10

I knew stuff was getting serious this week when I came down to this on Monday morning:

This meant that for the entire week, in order to get out to our garage kitchen, we had to go out the front door and around to the side of the house. Which means our neighbors, if they’ve been paying attention, have seen me in my jammies with OJ and breakfast every morning. Ah well.

The plastic went up to minimize the outdoor debris because, well, we didn’t really have exterior walls for several days.

Whole chunks of stucco and sheet rock were torn down.

They decided that the kitchen bottom corner was in fact the worst of the rot, so all the rotten lumber, plus the lumber around it (remember, dry rot is a fungus and so it crawls and spreads and grows) got torn out and replaced.

Windows started to get installed.

And because we’re actually shortening one (incredibly useless) sliding door and big window, they had to do some additional framing in to build part of a new wall. And then install the new windows and sliding door.

We’re excited about the new patio door as it has a built in doggie door. We used to have an insert but there was a good sized gap between the insert and the real door so tons of insects and junk would fly in. Not any more!

Well, once there’s, you know, not holes in the walls to the outside and crawlspace.

The interior – Mowgli sees the daylight

Speaking of Mowgli, this week has been better – he’s settled down some and hasn’t pooped in the house so hooray for that. He’s still not loving it though.

This sucks.


The other fun this week – Terminix pulled three dead rats out from under the house. He thinks we may have gotten rid of them all finally. Fingers crossed that they’re gone and not, you know, living upstairs now.


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