Kitchen Remodel Day #2

Last night we broke in the hot plate with some canned chili. In the garage. Cuz we’re fancy.


We took a closer look at the remnants of the kitchen and found some legacy old tile.

That black tile is seriously ugly. Glad we didn’t own it. Also, hideous blue wallpaper once graced the walls.

The red and the wood floors are so much better. Anyway, here’s what happened today:

They are scoping the walls to see what’s in there. They also pulled down the drop ceiling today.

The electrical is actually less messy than I expected. We are fairly sure, however, that when they added the home office they failed to, you know, pull additional power to the office where, you know, where there might be computers pulling down a lot of power. You know, from the kitchen, the other room where there’s a lot of appliances. So we’ll be getting that fixed. We’re also pretty sure the kitchen electrical isn’t up to code so we’ll be getting that fixed.

I do like the classy way they set up the toilet trap.

They also started the tear out for window removal.

So today was noisy and productive. Off to enjoy constant power and silence.


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