Landscaping Phase 1 Complete

Well more or less complete. It was supposed to go 6 weeks, it went 9 weeks. There’s a couple of things to fix but all in all we’re basically done with phase 1. And it’s looking good!

They got the drip system for the plants installed and it’s been programmed and it’s up and running daily. Here’s what it looks like:

The front all cleaned up and mostly planted:


A few of our plants are backordered so they cut the holes for them. And we asked for the section in front of the gate be left unplanted so the kitchen contractors have access to haul stuff around.

Some of the plants are starting to settle in and flower:

The dog run has been partially planted. Again, we’ve left access for the future contractors so it’s not fully planted:

The back is filling out. Again, there are some plants on back order that are missing and they’ve had holes cut. But they’re starting to root and are getting watered.

But it wasn’t officially “ours” till we planted this:

And Mowgli’s pretty happy with the remodel. He especially likes that they left a pile of mulch in the backyard.


We needed phase 1 to be complete because today the kitchen demolition starts. We found out late last week that the entire kitchen needed to be emptied out. I’d thought we had a little more time but nope. So we spent most of Saturday and Sunday emptying all the cabinets, buying temporary shelves, setting them up, stashing the kitchen in other rooms, emptying the bulk of the fridge, and so on. So now we look like this:


The good news? These ugly hateful lights are going away:

Actually, that whole dropped ceiling is going away. In the meantime, Mowgli’s pretty peeved that he’s got to be penned upstairs for weeks.

Jerks keep pushing me around in my own house.

We begin cooking in the garage starting this evening. Microwave, hot plate, and crock pot, here we come!

How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Landscaping Phase 1 Complete”

  1. There’s some rosemary on the left (the spikey stuff), a yellow rosebush (both are a legacy from the old plantings) in front is a new plant – totally blanking on the name right now.)

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