We got some plants! WOOO! It’s such a relief to see actual plants going in. Like maybe some day this thing will be finished.

All the stone work is done. Every plant in the front on the left is new, except the bougainvilla near the door/window.


Here’s a closer shot of the front left.


Trees went up in the dog run. The idea is to screen the view a little bit so Mowgli doesn’t bark like crazy when he sees other dogs walking around.

The ferns at the bottom are new. The idea is that they’re going to grown down and trail over the walls to mask it a bit.

The most exciting thing: new fruit trees!

We’re planting a lemon, a lime, a satsuma mandarin orange, and a blood orange. The lemon tree that went in today is already fruiting, so that’s a good sign. There’s a bunch more plants getting planted the rest of the week so we should at least start to look like things might be growing by Friday.