What Our Mutt’s Made Of

We’ve been wondering for awhile what kind of mutt our Mowgli is, because he’s clearly got some mixes in him. He’s much bigger than your average Staffordshire Terrier (what most people just call pit bull these days). Amazon had a sale on the Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA test kit so I said “why not?” and ordered one. And the result came out about as I expected but with one surprise.


The DNA test is easy. You get two swabs and have to do a cheek swab of your pup like you see on CSI. The key is to get cheek cells and to not hit the dog’s teeth. Since Mowgli’s got big ole jowls that was pretty easy. You put the swabs in a provided plastic sheathe, don’t seal it, do some paperwork and voila! You are done. You mail it in and a few weeks letter you get your results by email.


Here’s what Mowgli is made of:


The American Staffordshire terrier is what I totally expected. He’s got the classic Staffy look. I had actually thought he had some Dane in him. He’s quite large for a Staff and has some appearance characteristics of a Dane. What I was NOT expecting was that the Dane mated with a teeny tiny Miniature Bull Terrier. Wrap your brain around this – the Dane was about 150 lbs, the Mini Bull Terrier about 30 pounds. The Bull Terrier maybe came up to the Dane’s knees. We think that the Dane had to be the female here. All kinds of wrong.

Anyway, the test results go on to detail all the breeds and it’s pretty interesting. The test was spot on and blind – we didn’t turn in any information on what we thought he was so I think it’s a reasonably close test.

Anyone else done a DNA test on their fur baby?