Day #40

I’ve been arguing with the landscaping company a bit lately and they’re really kind of pissing me off. I think I’ve gotten everything worked out now though. OR ELSE. Anyway, I will sign off on the plant orders tomorrow so we can start putting green stuff in the dirt next week, finally. And the front stone work is really close to done, finally.


And the top is the hold up right now, but it’s really close:

We got into a tiff about how much more stone they wanted to order because they ran out of a certain size. Long story short it should all be done tomorrow and then clean up and planting begins.

It’s attracting lots of neighbor attention though!



4 thoughts on “Day #40”

  1. Pretty stone work. Are the pieces in the walk and stairs cemented down or sitting on a sand bed such that it can be lifted/moved as needed? Looks like they are cemented down in the bottom picture.

    You will want to go out there and water the walk now and then just to see all the cool colors in that rock.

    Optical illusion no doubt but in the photo of the steps they look way out of level. 😉

    So when an earthquake happens what keeps all that lower rock from falling onto the walkway by the side walk? Is it tied back into the soil in some way?

    Will the yard be gravels with planting areas or do folks use grass there?

  2. Bruce – There’s a concrete bed underneath. And then they’re cemented to the concrete. (I think I used concrete and cement correctly there, I never can remember.)

    Yeah the steps look totally crooked but it’s an illusion. We freaked out the first night they went up thinking they were leaning way to the right but not so much. 🙂

    Yeah the rock is tied back some. They also mixed a little cement in here and there. I believe they’re going to go back and do some finishing work once the travertine is all laid down. I’ve been poking around the neighborhood because these kinds of stone walls are common around here and they look to be constructed the same. So maybe we’ll just all fall down. 😉

    There will be no grass in the front at all. We’ll have a little in the back, mostly for the dog and a larger area between the deck and possible spa. The front is going to be mostly native California plants and some decorative grasses. Our dirt is really, really crappy but it’s got good drainage. So we’re going for low water, low maintenance, with some pops of color. Me likey no grass cutting. 🙂

    Once everything everything is done we’re gonna get a power washer and just blast everything cuz there’s dirt and stone dust all over. They’re cutting the stone in the front yard and so there’s a fine grit all over the tiles right now. And then I’m gonna have to paint the wood stuffs. Sigh.

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