Day #18

I’ve been holding off on posts because it’s been a lot of digging of trenches, mostly by hand.

They’ve had to hand trench the entire deck.

This is a pretty good example if why we’re doing this:

This is an overview of the backyard. It looks like the mole people are invading.

They’ve cut out the front to get ready for the first landing:

And they’ve cut back the front to make room for a new retaining wall:

This is the junk pile in the front yard.

What’s been interesting is the amount of other french drain piping and random buried junk they’ve been finding. I think there were maybe 3 other drains installed, none of which were working.

Yesterday they started putting in the new piping for the new french drains.

First a porous cloth goes down into the trench, then gravel, then the perforated pipe, then then wrap it up with gravel and the cloth. The idea is to screen out as much dirt and debris as possible so it’s just water running thru the drain. That’s generally impossible and over the years sediment builds up and jams up the pipes. This is why the other drains in the lawn have failed. We’re having clean outs installed so that in the future, we can take a hose or whatever and shoot high pressured water thru the pipes to clean them out.

That upright pipe is the tubing for the clean out. Or the mole people have periscopes.

Once the tube is in and wrapped, the cover it back up with dirt.


They’re moving along at a great rate so we should be nearly done with this by the end of the day. (HOORAY! MAYBE we can let the dog back out in the yard tonight!)

More to come!


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