Day #11 Do Over

Yesterday the guys showed up with a new piece of equipment: a track trencher.

But it was pouring down rain which made the whole thing kind of moot so they packed it up and tried it again today. They got a lot of trench cut today, basically the whole trench for the line by the retaining wall:

And then they began the cut on the side of the house:

This side trench will be pretty important as both the back yard drains will tie into it to run the water down the side and to the front of the house and ultimately into the street near the sewer/bay drain. the roof gutters will also tie in to this line so it will be handling an awful lot of water.

And they they started the cutting and prep work for the drain nearest the house, which runs into the current deck. So that has to come apart some. Right now it looks like this:

That caution tape actually backs up to the sliding glass door so we can’t actually let the dog out tonight, which is kind of a bummer/pain. But necessary.

Once all the trenches are cut, they need to shoot the grade to get the correct math on the slopes and ultimately two french drains will be installed. French drains, just so you know, are supposed to be 2.5 to 3 feet in the ground to really catch the water and shoot it away from your house. The current yard has one but you can see the top of it in the ground soil, so likely the water that it’s meant to catch is running UNDER the drain making it not at all useful. We will be having some clean out points installed so we can have someone come and blow out the lines to clear them out every few years as leaves and rock and dirt will accumulate in the drains, which just clogs them up.

Big fun, right? Anyway, progress is being made and the trenching and drain installation were the point of this mess anyway so it’s nice to see them making their appearance!


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