Day #10

I skipped a few days cuz work got busy so here’s how we’re looking at the end of the week. It’s been a week of moving dirt around. The pond got filled and the first level got, well, leveled.

Then the beginnings of the trench for french drain #1 was dug.

My husband thinks it’s pretty cool that we’re building a moat.

The box around the monster plant was torn out today.

The waterfall has been pulled out, and using blocks from the other layers and the monster plant, they’re working on filling in the gap where the waterfall used to be. So it looks like this as of today:

We are actually reducing the height of the levels by two blocks to make it less imposing. The dirt on those levels will get graded, partly for drainage and partly so we can plant things and have them more visible from ground level. It’s really coming along up there.

They’ve pulled out a fair amount of dirt from that first level and some of it will be used to change the grade in the front lawn. Here’s the mess waiting to get hauled and/or used.

Mowgli’s likely able to use the yard this weekend so he’s pretty happy.

It’s getting there! I think we are a bit behind schedule because the concrete wall demolition took quite a while with all the rebar and whatnot. But they’re making good progress so I’m happy!


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