Day #5

I worked late last night so I didn’t get to snap yesterday photos so here’s a twofer.

Yesterday they schlepped out all the ivy and loose junk they’ve been pulling up. The yard is looking pretty barren now.

They also tore up all the grass in the back lawn and started using a pick axe to dig a nice gouge in the ground by the wall to expose the piping for the old sprinkler system that’s installed.

Today they started by draining the pond.

Funny note: the guy is using Mowgli’s popper scooper to scoop water out of the pond. Heh.

The end result is this:

And it smells just fantastic. And then the big fun – a jackhammer came out to play. They started tearing up the front retaining wall.

I’m not sure they were expecting rebar but this thing is apparently really well built.

At the end of the day, the pile in the front yard had grown. This is pile #2 – pile #1 got hauled away while I was gone on Monday.

That machine in the front yard is the compressor for the jackhammer. It’s hard to say which is louder, that thing or the actual hammer. The pile in the front right is a pile of concrete from the wall.

So, busy day, we’re getting there. More work tomorrow and Friday and then it’s a three day weekend!


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