End of Saturday Mail Service?

The Post Office is broke broke BROKE. So they’re looking at cutting service. We could be looking at no more Saturday service, among major cuts to the Post Office.

My husband used to be a contractor for USPS years ago and told me something interesting once: postage rate hikes were often related to the cost of mail delivery in Alaska. Also, they have official postal sled dog teams there.

On a related note, does this song run thru anyone else’s head when talking about the mail? Anyone? Anyone? It’s just me, isn’t it? DAMN YOU FISCHER PRICE RECORD PLAYER!


2 thoughts on “End of Saturday Mail Service?”

  1. Alaska? Really???
    The federal government isn’t very efficient doing anything.

    I’ve never heard that song before! Hope it doesn’t haunt my dreams.

  2. I said the mail must go thru, the mail must go thru! Yeah the problem with Alaska is that habitable areas are spread out and they have to do a lot of flying around with the mail. And the flying gets pricey. It’s a fairly huge state and all.

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