I Love October

October is one of my most favorite months. The weather starts to get really lovely. Colors start to change and get really pretty (well, if you live in a state with, you know, dramatic season shifts and trees that do that). And Halloween happens. Which means it’s an excuse to watch scary movies and eat candy and torture small children.

To kick off this October we’re plowing thru one of our have TV shows, which was short lived and hilarious – Harper’s Island. It was on CBS and we loved it. We found it on On Demand when it was running. How they thought they’d do another season is beyond me. The body count is high, the mystery isn’t bad, there’s pretty ladies in bikinis, and gruesome, awesome, epic deaths. It’s now airing on Netflix Instant (do we just call that Netflix now?) so if you’re looking for a fun horror light show to kick off your October, check it out.

I’m adding The Shining to my reading list. And the original version of The Thing, cuz I never saw it. You gonna read or watch anything for Halloween?


2 thoughts on “I Love October”

  1. It didn’t do too well when it aired, which is a shame because it’s very entertaining. The premise is a bunch of people go back to Harper’s Island, their summer home retreat for a wedding between the rich girl and poor boy. Bad things happen. Some years earlier there had been a series of murders affecting some of the wedding party. Very fun.

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