Hump Day: REM Tribute Edition

This morning R. E. M. announced that they’re breaking up after 31 years (?!) of music making together. That’s a heck of a run guys.

I was trying to decide which video of theirs to feature to mark the passing of a band that I dug the hell out of in high school and realized it could be only one video – “Losing My Religion.” In 9th grade I took this government econ class in which I learned little neither government nor economics. But we did spend a week analyzing the symbolism of the “Losing My Religion” video because the teacher had seen it on MTV late at night and thought it would illustrate a point he was trying to make. At the end of the week the teacher admitted he couldn’t remember what the point he was trying to make was so we scratched it and moved on to the next random topic. I kind of loved/hated that class – and my teacher got a huge kick out of trying to bug me. Because he was a crazy little sadist. But I will say, Mr. Hansell’s class did prepare me for the weirdness of college, so it wasn’t a total wash. Plus, a week of R. E. M. and no homework so that’s a mark in the win column.

Anyway, thanks, R. E. M. for wasting a week of class in high school. Way more fun than economics.

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