Psychic Animals

We can mock the east coasters for their total freakout over the earthquake this week, but the Smithsonian Zoo did manage to release an interesting report on how their animals reacted to the tremor.


Keepers were feeding the beavers and hooded mergansers (a species of duck) when the earthquake hit. The ducks immediately jumped into the pool. The beavers stopped eating, stood on their hind legs and looked around, then got into the water, too. They all stayed in the water. Within an hour, some of the beavers returned to land to continue eating.

We had a small, 3.6 (?) quake the next day out here on the west coast. My dog was kinda crazy for the hour leading up to the quake and when it hit, he was lying on my lap. The thing about quakes out here is that they’re actually kind of loud. Like big truck driving by rattling the house kind of loud. Mowgli lifted up his head in a real startled kind of way, watched the walls and windows, and then settled back down when the tremor stopped. I’ll be curious to see if he’s a little earthquake predicting spaz machine.


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