About Steve Jobs

The most rational thing I’ve read since the announcement.

Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple, citing his inability to continue to meet his duties, marks the end of his tenure as Apple’s chief executive and the effective day-to-day leader of the company, not the end of his life. That’s the first thing that should be stated loud and clear, given his multiple medical leaves of absence.

The other thing is that it’s unlikely that his resignation will have any great impact on the company for at least a couple of years. Steve Jobs’ health has been an ongoing issue since 2004, and it’s utterly inconceivable that the company has locked itself into strategies that cannot proceed smoothly without Jobs’ day-to-day presence. Jobs’ resignation letter, in suggesting his replacement, references a clear succession plan that had already been drawn up.

You rock those retirement mock turtlenecks, sir, and enjoy the time with your family and friends. You earned it.


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