Opossum Update

So, despite what it CLEARLY says on their website, Animal Control won’t come get the opossum. INSTEAD they are now coming out to home quarantine my dog because of a rabies scare and I have to do a ton of frigging paperwork. I said “if you think this thing is, you know, rabid, shouldn’t you REMOVE IT?” No. They don’t take wildlife from its home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But my dog, who was JUMPED IN HIS YARD has to be on quarantine.



4 thoughts on “Opossum Update”

  1. So not to be a downer but I’ve learned about the quarantine from my own animal issues. Usually the case is if your animal bites something.. not opposite. If the animal A has rabies and that caused animal A to bite animal B, animal A will pass away by the end of quarantine, then they know they have a rabies outbreak. Biting comes at the end of the run of rabies. But your dog getting rabies from said possum could take way longer to rear its head. Point being, I don’t see why your pup needs to be quarantined and they need to get rid of the damn varmint.

  2. Mindy – THANK YOU. And I pointed out that we have an animal, who was clearly NOT afraid to jump and attack a 75 lb pit bull running around in a neighborhood and the next door neighbors have small kids. I said I was concerned about that – they think it could be rabid and it’s ok to let it run around the kids? And animal control said “well, we can’t prove that YOUR possum was the one that allegedly jumped your dog.” And I said “how’s about you take it with you and we find out.” My dog is up to date on its vaccines. Why are we talking about MY dog being quarantined IN THE SAME YARD as the possum? ANGRY. I called a Critter Control company and they’re coming out tomorrow to set some cage traps up for the possum(s). At the same time the jerk from animal (un)control is coming to do TWO HOURS of paperwork on our quarantine. I’ve checked our boy over, he had two small cuts on his legs that I rubbed down ASAP and they’re looking ok. I see no bite makes whatsoever. This is so backward and unsafe. Did I mention I’m a little angry?

    Anyway… thanks for checking in Mindy!!

  3. Your majesty. My husband asked around at work. Turns out we technically can’t. It’s illegal to kill wildlife in our county. Or something stupid. Which is why they’re acting like damn hippies. I swear to Thor they told me to “learn to live in peace” with it. They think it might be RABID but I’m supposed to be all zen? Seriously?

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