Early Morning Wakeup

So this morning at around 5am I woke to the sound of Mowgli barking in the backyard, which was weird since it was so early. I get out of bed, put my glasses on, and head to an open window to shush him and call him in. And he’s usually really obedient so I was surprised when he ignored me and continued to bark. So I’m whisper-yelling at him to come inside (since my husband was sleeping like a log) when I see this large furry grey think JUMP on the dog. And I yell “HOLY SHIT!” Which is what startled my poor husband awake. He asks what’s happening and I say “something’s attacking the dog!” and go running downstairs. I grabbed the wooden dowel that we use to bar the sliding door shut and go running out into the lawn. Because the foot long dowel is really going to stave off wild animal attacks. I notice that there’s water splashed everywhere and Mowgli is ok but going nuts. I think he threw off the (what I think is) opossum and it landed in the stinky pond. Then I hear the sound of a large animal lumbering thru the ivy. It was at the top of the hill so I figure it ran out the fence and into the street. By the time Andrew’s up and we’re trying to get the dog inside so I can check him out. We finally drag him in and I find a couple of scratches bleeding on him so we settle him down and I start wound cleaning. He’s not that hurt, a few cuts that are pretty superficial.

We all settle down and try to go back to sleep. When we finally got up at 8 whatever this morning, I dragged hubby out to inspect the fence – we just payed to fix it so I’m concerned. Everything looks just fine.

Long story short – I’ve seen a small grey animal running around up top there and now it occurs to me that we may have inadvertently fenced in a momma opossum and her babies. So they’re probably living in the ivy in the yard.


Guess who’s calling animal control to see if they’ll come cage up some opossums for her today?

Mowgli, fierce defender of the sofa

God I love owning things. 🙂


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