Birth Control Coverage? Finally?!

Ladies (and gents) rejoice!

Birth control is preventive medicine that should be fully covered by insurance companies, a panel advising the government recommended Tuesday.

A committee of the Institute of Medicine said that contraception and several other women’s health services should be added to the list of preventive practices that insurance companies must cover at no additional cost to patients under the Affordable Care Act passed last year.

The other newly recommended services include screenings for gestational diabetes, human papillomavirus and HIV; counseling on sexually transmitted diseases and domestic violence; breast-feeding equipment and yearly healthy woman checkups.

Hallelujah! It just kills me that it is generally harder (and vastly more expensive) to get birth control than blood pressure meds. All women should have cheap and easy access to birth control. It’s got some health upside and, you know, it’s way cheaper to insure me to NOT have babies than the reverse.

Now if United Healthcare would just cover my dog we’d be set! 🙂