It’s Hard Being a Dog Mom

So I came home from a work meeting in which I’d apparently left the master bedroom and bathroom doors open to discover a stank. The source of said stank?

Icky toilet

Mr. Mowgli seems to have decided that since mom and dad pee in the bathroom, he should try it too. Sigh.

He was lounging around in the bedroom when he heard me yell “MOWGLI! COME HERE!” and then I heard the scurrying of furry feet down the stairs. He knew what was up and was running from it. I ran out of the bedroom to find him prone at the foot of the stairs. The first time I caught a urine stain in the house, it was because I’d yelled at him for attacking the Dyson vacuum so I think the poor guy has been mistreated. So I was trying to tread the line between scaring him half-to-death and just enforcing my alpha status. So I chased him outside and ended up with this.

Mowgli submissive

And then this.

Pitiful dog

Sigh. Who can stay mad at that face? Back to stank removal.