Birthday Baby

So today for my birthday we headed up to the vast wilds of Walnut Creek to meet a new buddy.

Meet Mowgli.

What. Up.

He’s a 3 year old mutt. Some pit bull in there with some other mystery genes. His foster mom calls him the Love Tank because, while he’s prolly about 75 lbs he thinks he’s a small dog and wants to be in your lap and give you kisses. It’s kind of adorable. My face and neck are very, very clean. And by “clean” I mean “covered in dog spit.” We’re testing him out for a week to see if he’s a good fit for us and if he is, then we do a bunch of paperwork and adopt him. So far so good.

While he’s three, he’s got some puppy-isms to work out because he’s been floating around shelters and bouncing around homes for awhile. Mowgli and I worked on some commands today and he does seem to come when called, more or less has “sit” down and “off” down and “leave it” down. So that’s a really good start. If we keep him we’ll be enrolling in some puppy classes to learn better doggie manners though.

My favorite part? This is one of his new favorite things.

Shark killer!

Yeah baby, down with sharks!

Anyway, I’m not sure who’s wearing who out today but I’m ready for a nap.


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