Great Article

5 Movie Fan Theories That Make More Sense Than the Movie

I love this article, especially the Matrix idea. Remember when that first movie came out and you were all “WOAH” and then the second movie came out and you were all “WHA?” And then the third movie came out and you were all “Really dudes?” Cuz didn’t it seem like hot Monica Bellucci and her boss man were totally significant? And then they weren’t really?

The Star Wars theory is pretty great too.


A friend sent me this image.

Sean Connery Steve Jobs letter

Let’s reflect on Sean’s magnificent, non-crass, totally artistic resume, shall we?



Highlander II – Note the 2 star IMDB rating, and they tend to be generous. It’s a terrible, awful film.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – This one might be my favorite because he did an interview back in the day and was asked why he did this film (it’s really not good) and he said it was because he turned down the role of Morpheus in The Matrix and Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, two genre trilogies that ended up being huge. Why did he turn them down? He said he didn’t understand the scripts. Too confusing. So the next confusing script that came his way, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, he said yes to, because, while he didn’t understand it, he didn’t want to miss out on the next big thing.

Crass? I think not. He’s JAMES FUCKING BOND.

Amazing wonderfulness

Two things I love, now together – Samuel L. Jackson and the book for parents “Go the Fu*k to Sleep.” If you’re not familiar with the book, here’s a general synopsis. I saw a full out page by page version online awhile back but it seems to be removed now that the book is for sale.

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Friday Fun Fact

I learned something yesterday that I wanted to share.

Albert Lamorisse, the man who directed the childhood classic French film The Red Balloon is also the man who invented the board game of Risk!

The Red Balloon

How many of you had to watch this in grade school? I feel like we watched it once a year for awhile.

Theatrical Gems

A couple of fun things for you, my friends. has a most excellent list of the 6 Biggest WTF Moments in Shakespeare. Only 2 are from Titus Andronicus too!

Julie Taymor only got paid $125,000 for FIVE YEARS OF WORK on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. No wonder girl is suing.

Speaking of Spider-Man, since the show will FINALLY open this month, they’re streaming the original cast recording for free right now. If you’re curious about the Bono/Edge tunes, go check it out.

Birthday Baby

So today for my birthday we headed up to the vast wilds of Walnut Creek to meet a new buddy.

Meet Mowgli.

What. Up.

He’s a 3 year old mutt. Some pit bull in there with some other mystery genes. His foster mom calls him the Love Tank because, while he’s prolly about 75 lbs he thinks he’s a small dog and wants to be in your lap and give you kisses. It’s kind of adorable. My face and neck are very, very clean. And by “clean” I mean “covered in dog spit.” We’re testing him out for a week to see if he’s a good fit for us and if he is, then we do a bunch of paperwork and adopt him. So far so good.

While he’s three, he’s got some puppy-isms to work out because he’s been floating around shelters and bouncing around homes for awhile. Mowgli and I worked on some commands today and he does seem to come when called, more or less has “sit” down and “off” down and “leave it” down. So that’s a really good start. If we keep him we’ll be enrolling in some puppy classes to learn better doggie manners though.

My favorite part? This is one of his new favorite things.

Shark killer!

Yeah baby, down with sharks!

Anyway, I’m not sure who’s wearing who out today but I’m ready for a nap.