This I Gotta See

Mark Zuckerberg, the 27 year old founder of Facebook, has a new personal goal for the year: he’ll only eat meat that he has personally killed and prepped.

I have this great image of Zuckerberg in camo fatigues, stalking a herd of Kobe steer to pick the very best. Then he jumps on its back, wrestles it to the ground so he can slit its throat.

Just me?

While I guess I get what he’s saying, why not just find a good organic farm with clean and humane practices and then support them? Though it sounds like he’s ending up going vegetarian. Anyway, it just struck me as kind of funny.

2 thoughts on “This I Gotta See”

  1. My dad was listening to his coworkers’ hunting stories and when it was sorta his time to chime in he said, “I hate when I go hunting and I get one of those carts with a messed up wheel.”

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