It Seems I’m Out to Crush My Husband’s Soul This Week

Everything about this is hilarious and wrong. The touring Batman arena show in the UK.

There was actually something like this in the 80s when I was little. I was a HUUUUUUGE Adam West Batman fan and my parents took me to the arena show. I was probably 4 years old so only have piecemeal memories of it. But my mom loves to tell people this story:

I went to the show wearing my Batman underoos t-shirt under my windbreaker and at some point in the show the Joker runs around the arena in the audience. And he came up to my section and I was so excited that I unzipped my jacket and flashed my Batman logo shirt to the Joker in a “back off man!” move. My parents were hysterical with laughter. I was gonna get that Joker!

Anyway… their Catwoman is hotter than Anne Hathaway so that’s a plus.

batman UK stage show


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