Nice Christmas

This Christmas was quite lovely. Since the weather blows in the mid-west, and husband has to keep an eye on work, we decided to stay home and be lazy this year.

Our cute li’l tree was stuffed with gifts.


On Christmas Day we had a friend over. We opened gifts, watched a ton of holiday movies, and decorated gingerbread men.
Gingerbread vampire

Husband made an EXCELLENT turkey – so moist and delicious. We have a nice big plate o’ leftovers for the week. He also broke a rum bottle with his bare hands – he’s pretty tough yo.

We got some good loot this year. A lovely Cuisineart, a nice hand mixer, some jewelry, lots of movies, music, video games, and books, some Doctor Who gear, and my mom sent us this righteous tree topper.


I kinda wanna keep him out year round he’s so adorable.

How was your holiday?

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